My Favorite Sofa

Welcome y’all! My sister from another mister, the amazing @cpyleabstracts and I were dishing about this one, can you relate? That somewhat disappointed feeling you get after you’ve been decorating your space, when you complete the last finishing touch and it’s perfect. Now what? Do you miss the creativity, the flow of ideas, the colors?

Well now you don’t have to, because here comes My Favorite Sofa! A collection of rooms where you can explore a virtually inexhaustible combination of decorating elements. Each room is randomly generated from a toolkit of delectable fabrics, shapes and colors, including pets and plants.

What’s more, My Favorite Sofas are located around the world, from Spain, Italy, The Netherlands and Brazil to US locations including Puerto Rico, California, Tennessee, North Carolina, New York and Florida.

All in all, there are a gazillion possible room combinations 😅 What are we waiting for, let’s start decorating!

We hope you enjoy My Favorite Sofa 😊