Deco Beach

Fantasy and Reality collide in the magical world that is Deco Beach ❤️

The vibrantly preserved Art Deco scene is lovingly displayed in this generative art series featuring Florida beach hotels from Sobe Miami and more exclusively (about 10% of images) the unrivaled Don Cesar from St. Pete Beach.

The original NFT images are at 4800 square resolution, so you can enjoy spotting cool items sampled at random for a fun day at the beach, including a boom box, various beach bags, sandcastles, a life vest and flippers, a boogie board, beach ball, dog and pineapple. It looks like most folks come to the beach either by bicycle or by driving their own special mini car from the ’70s 😎

There are many ways to spend a relaxing day at Deco Beach, watching the balloons or other arial craft fly overhead, or gazing out into the water at the ships that pass by. There is also a colorful array of tropical fish to enjoy. You can always go for a swim, but you might want to check the water first 😉 No worries, let’s enjoy the fabulous architecture and have a bite to eat 😋